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Are you looking for a new tractor here in Morwell? A good compact tractor for your farm can be hard to find.

You don’t need the expensive heavy-duty farm equipment, but at the same time you want good quality that will last a long time. It can be so frustrating to make a big purchase like this.

    • is my new tractor reliable?
    • Will I be able to get the parts and servicing I’ll need in the future?
    • Can this tractor do everything I want it to do?
    • Etc. etc.
Mahindra Tractor Morwell - NGA Autogroup

Mahindra is an all-around utility tractor – No 1 selling tractor in the world

Mahindra is the only tractor manufacturer to have won both the global Deming Prize for Total Quality Management and Japan Quality Medal. They have earnt a 98% customer satisfaction rating in the USA, and have the longest warranty available among the popular tractor brands. The under-25HP models come with a 7-year (2000 hr) drivetrain warranty, and the over-25HP models come with a 3-year (2000 hr) warranty. They’re designed with minimal electronics so they’re easy to service and stay running for a long time in our sometimes-brutal climate.

Mahindra tractors can be used for slashing, lifting, ploughing, harvesting, post hole digging, and trenching all in the one machine, at a very reasonable price! They have the highest lift capacity on front loader and rear linkage for their horsepower range and class. These are extremely reliable, rugged tractors made to last a long time. Parts and servicing can easily be found in Australia from the NGA Group and our other offices.

Go to NGA Mahindra for your tractor needs in Morwell

When you contact our head office you’ll be talk to a knowledgeable salesperson who’ll help you decide exactly what tractor model you need –

    • is your land hilly or rocky?
    • How many acres do you have?
    • How much lifting capacity do you need?

We’ll assist you in getting the best machine for your budget. Additional equipment such as buckets and front loaders are also available.

First-class utility and SUV vehicles without the high price tab

Mahindra XUV500 Morwell - NGA Autogroup

If you need something that can be universal around the farm, business and pleasure, look at the NGA Mahindra Morwell vehicle selection. The XUV500 is a handsome 7-seater, great for families, retirees, and nomads.

It’s built for comfort, with plenty of legroom even in the third row. With a towing capacity of 2.5 tonnes, this XUV is perfect for work and play.

For a no-frills work vehicle, the Mahindra Pikup is built for farmers with its 1.2 tonne payload and 80L fuel tank. The Mahindra Genio is a dependable workhorse for tradesmen and couriers. Its 9-ft tray is good for small deliveries.

All Mahindra vehicles have great fuel economy and come with long-term warranties.

Whichever type of vehicle you need in Morwell, NGA will be able to help. We’ve been in business for more than 20 years, and our experience is at your service. Get in touch with us at our head office to discuss the possibilities and we’ll come to you.

Mahindra Pikup Morwell - NGA Autogroup

Excavators and construction equipment Morwell

NGA Group also has a selection of excavators and earthmoving equipment. Contact our head office to talk about your needs.

Hercules Loaders

Hercules Loaders Morwell - NGA Autogroup

Hercules equipment is designed and created by an Australian family owned and run company who want to make sure it will be built for Australia’s tough conditions. It is manufactured and assembled in China under their supervision and quality control standards.

Hercules earthmoving equipment is designed to stand up to our climate. The sealed cabin keeps out dust and noise, and the upgraded air conditioner can handle the heat. They boast state-of-the-art automatic transmissions and a standard hydraulic quick hitch. Prices are extremely competitive compared to imports from the USA and Europe, and, of course, parts are locally sourced and it’s easy to find servicing and warranty backup.

Airman excavators

Airman excavators have that Japanese-quality build and one of the most spacious and comfortable working cabins in the mini-excavator market. You get more floor space and an enlarged front window to enhance the operator’s vision, resulting in improved performance and safety.

Airman Japan has been building quality earthmoving equipment for 40 years. They back up their build with locally available parts and service. These excavators are cheap to run because of their Eco/Power mode selector, which gives priority to fuel economy and working power.

The working cabin is big and comfortable, with a large front window to give you better visibility, resulting in a safer and more efficient work environment.

Airman Excavator Morwell - NGA Autogroup