Vintage Ford

Here’s another immaculately restored vintage car that came through the workshop recently!
This Model A Ford looks as good as the day it came off the production line back in 1928!
The car came in for a Pre-1948 RWC inspection so that the car could be put on club registration. Our team managed to find and recitify a few small faults to ensure that this car, although 90 years old, is safe for the owner to drive today!

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Classic Motorbikes

Despite the heat our crew are still hard at work! Today we had a beautiful pair of classic motorbikes complete with sidecars come in for roadworthy inspections. Both of these bikes were in absolutely immaculate condition!
The 1959 Triumph Thunderbird had a truly beautiful paintjob making this bike look brand new.
And the 1916 Rover Imperial is simply incredible to see, this bike is 102 years old and still complete and ready to ride!
For all your modern, classic or vintage motorbike needs be sure to see the team here at Neale Goad Automotive!