2018 Mahindra Pikup 4x4 single cab
Here’s one very happy customer! Gary has just purchased a brand new 2018 Mahindra Pikup 4×4 single cab ute in De-sat Silver and he couldn’t be happier! Gary also optioned a tow package, genuine Mahindra canvas seat covers and tinted windows for the car. The new Pikup comes with a 6 speed manual transmission, rear Eaton diff locker, and a new updated look both [Read More]
Thankyou Stacey bringing your car in all the way from SA! 😉 Just kidding, sort of! Stacey and her partner own Beachport Caravan Park S.A. and were here in Ballarat visiting family and needed their car cleaned and heard we were the place to go! Thanks very much for your business and your ever down that way make sure you pop in and say [Read More]
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A cut and polish for a customer last week. You will notice the fade on the hardlid, and the different a cut and polish will make. With regular upkeep this car will keep it’s shine for quite some time 🙂 [Read More]
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Here’s another immaculately restored vintage car that came through the workshop recently! This Model A Ford looks as good as the day it came off the production line back in 1928! The car came in for a Pre-1948 RWC inspection so that the car could be put on club registration. Our team managed to find and recitify a few small faults to ensure that [Read More]
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