In 1981, Airman started their production and sales of the HM series of mini-excavators. Since then, Airman has been constantly developing its model program. In 1992, the AX-1 mini excavators replaced the HM series, in 1994 Airman started selling their AX-2 mini excavators, and in 2003 the company started selling the AX-3 mini excavators.

Airman AX Series

As a result of continuous development in their model programs, the 2015 AX-4 range had better overall efficiency, quality cabin design, improved serviceability and ergonomics. Currently Airman boasts their AX-6 series which has a new electronic governor coupled with an electronic accelerator control, delivering precise engine control and less fuel consumption. Also new to the Airman AX-6 series is its Eco/Power mode selector giving priority to fuel economy and working power. When it comes to size, Airman has increased the cabin space and an enlarged front window for improved performance and safety. Among other new features is an improved cabin pressure and a newly improved Air-conditioning system now with 5 outlets and a totally sealed system for extra efficiency and operator’s comfort.

Airman is leading the development and production of mini excavators and has built up a good reputation among its customers worldwide.

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