TYM Tractors (Tong Yang Moolsan Co., Ltd.)

TYM tractors are quality and high-performing models manufactured in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in South Korea and assembled in Wilson, North Carolina. TYM tractors work harder and last longer than anything out there- they deliver an impressive combination of precision and power.

Local Servicing and Warranty Backup

TYM tractors offers the following warranty backups: A 6-year total time warranty, a 2-year general warranty, a 3000-hr general warranty, a plus 3-year power drive train warranty, and a 3000-power drivetrain – hour limitation warranty.

Six Year Limited WarrantyCommercial and Fleet
Years 1-2 Bumper-to-Bumper (limit 2000 hours of use)Years 1-2 Bumper-to-Bumper (limit 2000 hours of use)
Years 3-6 Parts and Labour (Drivetrain Only)3rd Year Parts & Labour (Drivetrain Only)
Batteries and Tyres are warranted by ManufacturerBatteries and Tyres are warranted by Manufacturer
Powertrain Warranty Limited to 3000 Hours of UsePowertrain Warranty Limited to 2000 Hours of Use


Top Tier Features

TYM offers a wide range of tractors that suit your needs. The models are popular for their small, compact size, small wheel base which is perfect for hobby farmers, recreational landscapers and for people with small residential acreage for getting through gates and preserving the landscapes.

The TYM Models range from 19 HP to up to 105 HP, mechanical transmission and from approximately 695 kgs to up to 3,111 kgs hitch lift capacity. TYM motors feature mechanical transmission, power shuttle and power shift models, broad hydrostatic range in both ROPS and air-conditioned cabin models, heavy duty front axle with bevel gear, hydrostatic power steering with tilt, high capacity 3-point hitch, independent power take-off and switch, front loader joystick valve, digital instrument panel, large capacity fuel tank, 4-wheel drive, mid-PTO, rear-PTO, foldable ROPS and hydrostatic power steering- all to deliver the workforce you need.

These tractors work hard and provide daily comforts. For that big project, you have lined up or that tough job waiting to get done, purchase a TYM tractors. When it comes to quality, choose TYM because, as in TYM’s catchphrase, ‘QualiTYMatters’.

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