Hisun UTVs

At Hisun, we offer distinct, durable and high-quality UTVs and ATVs. Hisun continuously innovates their product lines to provide more improved top-of-the-line custom quality standards. Our mindset is centered on providing products that are above par from the industry expectations. More than manufacturing powersports vehicles, we aim to provide you with a memorable off-road experience.


All Hisun products contain the following standardised features: Electronic Fuel Injection, On demand – 2WD/4WD with locking differential, Independent dual A-Arm suspension / Nitrogen filled / Anti-Sway system and Ventilated hydraulic disc brakes, Aluminium tyres.


The engine size varies, depending on the type of UTV. We have 546 cc OHV liquid cooled engine for the New Hisun 550 Sector utility vehicle, 735 cc OHV liquid cooled engine for the New Hisun 750 Vector utility vehicle and 976 cc V-Twin OHV liquid cooled engine for the New Hisun 1000 Vector utility vehicle as well as the New Hisun 1000 Strike utility vehicle.


The full product range of UTVs come with the following accessories installed: Winch, Roof and Windscreen.


Hisun is highly qualified in designing, assembling and providing accessory solutions. Their passion has in fact helped pave way to some industry leading accessories. From primary features, wheels and tyres, parts and maintenance, Hisun offers a wide range of custom, quality and reliable accessories for any of your UTV needs.


For that once in a lifetime off-road experience, make memories with Hisun. Grab some sun now, grab a Hisun now!