The new Mahindra mPact range has been designed to haul more, tow more and go more. The standard equipment on the 750 B model are steel wheels, gas lift cargo box and rear hitch; across all other models, they have the following standard equipment: alloy wheels, electric lift cargo box, front and rear hitch.

All models have a uniform overall length of 2870 mm and an overall width of 1600 mm, and and use either the Kohler petrol or diesel engine, and a cargo box capacity range from 453-544 kg. The products are backed by a limited 3-year powertrain warranty.

The Mahindra mPact Series

The Mahindra mPact range enables you to work smarter, not harder. This series gives you the machine you need to get the job done. Their models sets the standard for a new breed of durable, rugged and reliable utility vehicles without sacrificing comfort. In fact, the full product range of the mPact series has good ground clearance, an easy to adjust tilt steering as well as spacious and comfortable operator stations.

The UTVs are best in class in both towing capacity and payload capacity- undeniably these are the best in class work vehicles. On the farm, in the field, on the trail, across any terrain – nothing is more rugged and reliable than the Mahindra UTVs.

These petrol or diesel workhorses can haul, tow and go more than any side-by-side on the market today. There is no doubt that Mahindra UTVs are the toughest utility vehicles on Earth.

Haul more, tow more and go more with the Mahindra UTV mPact series. Purchase one now!